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About Us

Help Hive Is At The Forefront Of Reshaping Financial Support.

We’re not just providing services; we’re building a community of mutual aid. Our diverse team, consisting of financial specialists, tech innovators, and community champions, is committed to your financial health and communal prosperity.


Our mission is to democratise access to financial support and emergency funds. We are committed to creating a transparent, user-friendly platform that facilitates community contributions and distributions. Innovative features like our member-contributed emergency fund and community engagement surveys are designed to directly benefit our users while supporting local businesses.

Comprising experts in finance, technology, and community development, our team ensures the platform operates transparently and effectively. We prioritize our users, valuing their feedback and evolving our services to meet their evolving needs. Our dedication lies in maintaining user trust and providing a service that genuinely benefits them.

In essence, HelpHive is more than just a financial platform; it’s a movement towards a more interconnected and supportive financial community, enabling individuals to collectively navigate financial challenges, bolster local economies, and contribute to a society that values collective wellbeing and financial inclusivity.


HelpHive envisions a future where financial support is not just a service, but a community-driven endeavor. Our vision is to transform the concept of financial aid into a collaborative and inclusive practice, where mutual support and shared prosperity are at the core. We aim to build a robust platform that unites individuals in a common goal: to provide and receive support in times of financial need, fostering a network of financial solidarity across Canada.

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HelpHive – Nurturing Financial Solidarity - Fereshteh Ebrahimi

Fereshteh Ebrahimi

HelpHive – Nurturing Financial Solidarity - Abolfazl Maryamabadi

Abolfazl Maryamabadi

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Reza Vaziri

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Ehsan Kashizadeh